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Part 1 of 2. – Sunday 03 March 2024 – Sydney Road Festival/Festa

What a great day for Brunswick! With traffic closure from Victoria Street to Brunswick Road… to house all the varied and numerous activities. People coming from all over Melbourne and beyond to enjoy a perfect Beginning of Autumn Day. Una passeggiata meravigliosa! Meeting quite a few people whom I knew… also an ex member of Parliament and a couple of Ex Lord Mayors. Being able to reminisce about the Growth of this Public Event attracting circa 200,000 people… A big and successful Merry-bek/ ex Moreland City Annual Production for approx 30 years. Achieving a balance with Local Traders and the welcome Commercial and Community Grups remains a challenge. The use of side Streets to house the numerous musical and artistic platforms and Stages is literally a brilliant idea… portable toilets and rubbish bins a must. Well done to the organisers and every person who took the time off to visit and enjoy the atmosphere. I surely did!